Ventana’s unique tile construction gives the freedom to curate a bespoke display – fitting seamlessly into the architecture of your home. Think of it as a modular tile surface, not a screen.

Impossibly Thin

You won’t find a thinner display on the market. Ventana is 75% thinner, 90% more lightweight and 100% more visually pleasing: purpose-built to integrate with modern interiors.

Liquid Black

Ventana’s liquid black finish is intensely luxurious and significantly deeper than other displays, akin to the surface of a beautiful glass subway tile.

Spectacular Color

Usually reserved for state-of-the-art moviemaking, Ventana’s DCI-P3 & Rec2020 wide color gamut delivers a sensory explosion of ultra-vibrant hues.


Ventana’s trail-blazing technology takes brightness to a whole new level. When set to maximum, peak brightness is 4X more brilliant than your average OLED TV.

Unrivaled Video Performance

See it to believe it. At 78 bits per pixel,
Ventana offers superior bit depth over other displays’ video
quality like you’ve never seen before.

Multi-View Windows

We’ve partnered with Savant to offer the most delightful and simple interface to control and view multiple sources simultaneously on your Ventana display.

Ultimate Power Efficiency

Using the most power-efficient microLED technology available, coupled with Megapixel’s optically clear Liquid Black finish treatment, Ventana turns excess electricity into light, not heat, meaning power isn’t wasted.

Effortless Installation

Ventana’s magnetic connectors are simple, unobtrusive, and quick to connect, allowing for seamless installation and the freedom to expand your system over time, Ventana display.

Architectural Freedom

Effortless Installation

Liquid Black


Ultra - Bright




Ultimate Power Efficiency

Extreme Dynamic Range

Unparalleled image quality. Extreme Dynamic Range takes picture quality to the extreme, surpassing Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and High Dynamic range (HDR).

No Burn-in

With Ventana’s microLED technology, fixed images like your digital art can be displayed without permanent afterglow, regardless of the duration.

8K Video Processing

Future-proof processing allow inputs up to 8,192 x 4,320 resolution.

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle

Because there are no filters in front of the light-emitting pixels like LCD technology, Ventana reproduces the most accurate color even from extreme viewing angles. Every seat is the best seat in the house.