Meet Ventana



Technology and Architecture Unite

A world-class visual experience, bridging display innovation and architectural design.

Ventana is an impossibly-thin digital tile that merges world-leading visuals with an elegant, modular design.

Crafted with the shape and versatility of a building tile, it can be tailored to fit any architectural space using multiple tiles to create a bespoke display. This is your window to the future, available now.

Home Theater
Create an incredible cinematic experience on par with professional screening rooms without the need to black out your space.
Art Gallery
Showcase your digital art and NFTs with the display quality they deserve thanks to Ventana’s unrivaled bit depth and color gamut.
Architectural Surface
This is no unsightly TV screen. Ventana’s tiles stand alone as a beautiful piece of architecture when not in use.
Elevated Living
Make Ventana the hub of your home, a place to gather, watch, socialize, and play without compromising the aesthetic of your interior.

Ventana provides endless opportunities for entertainment, creativity, and style.