Terms and Conditions

Website Development Terms and Conditions


Domains must be purchased separately by client and domain ownership always remains with the client. If you need assistance with how to go about purchasing a domain, we will be happy to walk you through the process and/or provide available resources for purchasing.

Additional Services

Ventana Design can provide low-cost hosting for a customer’s website through a shared package via A2 Hosting. This can be purchased separately for your website, can be added on to a one-time development package, or is already included in all subscription packages.

All sites include blog and photo galleries options, as well as unlimited bandwidth and storage. Please note, packages do not apply to existing websites.

Subscription Packages

*Free Content Updates and support should have a reasonable scope, which is determined at the discretion of Ventana Design. These updates DO INCLUDE wording changes, updates to links, adding photos, moving/adding/removing pages, adding/editing contact forms, and some features that can be implemented in a reasonable time. These updates DO NOT INCLUDE custom features that need to be built from scratch or require major time efforts. Any major features will be considered out of scope and must be quoted separately. These such features will not hold the same terms and conditions as the website subscription packages.

**Basic SEO setup means using basic tools available to make sure the site’s meta data uses relevant keywords to facilitate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as other simple best practices.

Purchase of a subscription package means no development costs will be required by the customer, however, if at anytime the subscription is cancelled, transferred to a new owner, and/or payment is defaulted, ownership of the actual website design and its content will remain with Ventana Design (less the domain name itself). If the customer would like ownership of the website to be transferred away from Ventana Design, customer must pay an amount that covers what the development costs would have been had the customer not entered into a subscription package. This will be calculated using the following formula:

Development Cost – [(Monthly Subscription Cost – 20%) *  Number of Months Paid] = Amount Owed

For example, if the one-time development cost would have been $600, and the client pays $59.99 for 6 months, the amount owed to transfer ownership would be $312.05. The 20% deduction is to account for the cost of hosting and our time providing content updates throughout the subscription period.

One-Time Development Packages

All sites include options for photo galleries and blogs, as well as unlimited bandwidth and storage and custom domains.